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Inspiring Features

Placing Jesus and our faith in Him, first.

Is this not a beautiful way to live our lives?

  • My ministry is providing Christian women with resources that help them deepen their relationship with the Lord. 

  •  I found a passion in writing and most recently in painting. God placed it slowly in front me to glorify Him in both of these wonderful ways.

  • Sharing His love and the good news of Jesus. 

  • My book selection encompasses a wide range of topics. 

  • My watercolor painting resources and supplies are designed to help women explore their creative side.

Allowing us to engage with our faith in the process. Trust me when I tell you what a joy it is. You will find your treasure; the Holy Spirit will guide to direct you to your unique plan.  Join me in relishing the content of some amazing women that I have come to know to help you grow closer to God and live a more fulfilling life.

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